Gi group offers candidate recruitment and selection services, as well as direct search for operational, specialist and management positions. 

Add the value we bring to clients in this business is based on the following five key principles:

  • Model-based on international experience: presence on three continents (Europe, North America, Asia); solutions simultaneous applied in numerous countries; mobility and multinational partnerships.
  • Consulting approach to the process of finding and selecting candidates (client analysis, needs analysis, ad hoc project design, implementation, local and international project coordination)
  • Specialized for different industries, sectors and position types.
  • Tested and proven methodology in line with specific client needs;
  • Focus on developing long term relationships with the candidates and clients.

We are proud of our regional achievements in the field of candidate recruitment and selection. We are one of the leading HR companies, and thanks to our skills, knowledge and resources, as well as our values ​​and commitment, we help our clients have the right people in their organization. With the help of a wide range of instruments we use in the selection process and an extremely skilled team of consultants, we develop solutions and approaches that best meet the needs of our clients.

  • Two teams of consultants and recruiters specializing in the recruitment and selection processes of different levels of positions
  • Over 1400 successfully completed recruitment and selection processes
  • Candidate database of 30,000 applications
  • More than 100 satisfied clients