Through the Wyser brand, we provide recruitment and selection services, with a focus on executive search services for managerial and specialist levels of positions.

Executive search or head-hunting services are typically used by companies when there is a need to search for high-level positions for which there are a limited number of potential candidates in the market, therefore it is a necessity to approach them directly. This recruiting approach applies either to positions requiring highly specialized or unique skills or to middle and senior management positions. Such positions are usually not advertised and not known to the wider market, and potential candidates who are qualified and could be the right match may be equally invisible or inaccessible to employers. In this case, our consultants serve as a very important “guarantee of confidentiality” in the relation between your company and potential candidates, considering that we will approach the right candidates directly but with maximum discretion.

We have proven experience in developing and executing custom-made strategies for individual search and selection processes of specialist and managerial positions. For more than 17 years, organizations in the region have relied on our company in their need to develop successful leadership teams. Our specific approach of reaching candidates, together with a thorough knowledge of the market, helps us to develop strong relationships with clients and candidates. Our success rate is high because we focus on crucial areas of the search process:

  • Identifying top professionals on the labor market as well as their career motivation
  • Get to know potential candidates to ensure they match the client’s requirements
  • Promoting the client and new business opportunity to potential candidates and market

We have respectable experience in the following sectors: General Management, Finance, Accounting, HR, Engineering, Manufacturing, Sales, Marketing and Supply Chain.

For more information please visit: https://en-rs.wyser-search.com/