Candidate selection process in companies can be more or less complex and can include some of following activities:

1) Collecting and screening job biographies or online applications

During this process employers search for key information about previous work experience, skills and education.

2) Telephone interview

If a great number of applications arrives on a certain add, the employer can decide to conduct telephone interview with a wider circle of candidates to check if they have qualifications required for inviting them to anr interview. In the same time, it is a good opportunity for a candidate to get more detailed information about position and to check if they really wants to apply for that job.

3) Video interview

Employer can require from candidates to make a short video about themselves in which they should answer questions prepared in advance. In this way the employer can see and hear the candidate before he decides to invite them to an interview. Do not avoid this form of interviewing because it is a good chance to present yourself in a best way. If you are having stage fright, ask your friends to help you.

4) Interview 1-on-1

This is a classic way of talking with candidates. The first conversation is usually with Human Resources Manager or the person in charge for recruitment and selection of candidates. In case you get invited to the second round, you will probably have the chance to speak with manager who is superior to that position.

5) Panel interview

Panel interview implies having a conversation with more ‘examiners’ who will ask questions alternately.

6) Cascade interview

Cascade interview is organized as a 1-on-1 conversation session with different interviewers who are asking different questions. The aim of this type of interviewing is to achieve better objectivity in evaluation of candidates for certain positions.

7) Testing

Selection process often includes different kinds of testing. Depending on the position requirement there can be:

  • Knowledge tests (for example, knowledge of accounting procedures, knowledge of foreign languages…),
  • Psychological tests (for example, logical reasoning test, numerical reasoning test, understanding mechanical relations test, personality tests…),
  • Manual tests (they simulate performing manual activities which are part of the job),
  • Driving test.

8) Assessment centre

Assessment centre is a set of different techniques used in evaluation of candidates for certain job. In order for the employer to gain a better insight into the competencies of the candidates, it is recommended that information collected by interview are supplemented with other assessment techniques. Since the behaviour in work situations represents the best indicator of someone’s competencies, next to interview and testing, assessment centre usually contains some simulations of situations at work:

  • group exercises (group discussion, role playing),
  • individual exercises (case study, in-tray exercise, presentation exercise).


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